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Marston Vale Paranormal Investigations

Marston Vale Paranormal Investigations are a not for profit organisation set up back in 2009 to visit areas where there have been reports of unexplained phenomena. 


MVPI and Hippy Wytch Cottage have worked together on many reported paranormal locations and we invite you to join our team.  See bottom below for details


We strive to find reasonable explanations behind experiences and this is done by going to locations and using our equipment, we gather evidence of any phenomena and examine it, hopefully finding a plausible reason behind our findings.

We are a small team of investigators who are available to conduct investigations around the East of England region, either alone or with other paranormal groups. 


Interested in joining our team?

Free Membership

We only charge if we get charged


We aren't an events team, we investigate claims of paranormal activity

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At the end of the day if we capture any evidence we do leave it up to the person viewing it to draw their own conclusions as to what they are seeing, all we can say is, 'we don't know what it is'.  That said please bear in mind that this is still not an exact science, we don't have a rule book just common sense

About Marston Vale Paranormal


We at Marston Vale Paranormal investigate to the best of our ability and the capabilities of our equipment, and using professional computer software suites we attempt to find a reasonable explanation behind anything captured either via photograph, video, audio or electro-magnetic.  We take during daylight hours control images for comparisons so we have something to work with in trying to find plausible reasons for capturing light or audio at locations.  Our team will also act upon any experiences during the investigation to see if the source of the noise or image can be found in order to eliminate natural occurrence of the phenomena. 


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