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Welcome to Hippy Wytch Cottage in Bedford

Experience the warmth of a family-owned spiritual oasis! Hippy Wytch Cottage opened in 2019 and offers the perfect blend of spiritual, pagan, wicca, gothic, alternative, healing, magical, and positive energies to promote wellbeing and mindfulness. Come explore your spirituality


Hippy Wytch Cottage welcomes you

At Hippy Wytch Cottage Ltd, we are a family owned business that specializes in all things witchy. Whether you’re a witch, a hedge witch, a kitchen witch, or a Wiccan, we have something for you including spells, crystals, candles, incense, gifts, fancy goods, handmade wands, staffs, Athames, and woodcrafts.


We are passionate about helping people find the spiritual items they need to practice their craft and reach their highest potential. Come explore Hippy Wytch Cottage Ltd and dive into the magical world of witchcraft!

Opening Times

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 10am - 6pm

Wednesday10am - 6pm

Thursday10am - 6pm

Friday - 10am - 6pm

Saturday -10am - 6pm

Sunday - Closed

Visit Our Shop at
4 Clair Court, Lime Street, Bedford, MK401NH

Join Hippy Wytch Cottage

Early access to in store events, daily discount of 10%
seasonal discounts of 15% in our shop

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